WiLink ... it’s what we do
WiLink is device independent, and your customers won’t need to install any apps or download anything at all. Upon entering your premises, customers connect using their login of choice, such as their Facebook or Google account. It’s that simple: your customers connect to your WiFi, and you’ll be you connected to your customers!

Best of all? You can do all of this without a huge marketing budget - or even having to hire a marketing professional.
Why choose WiLink
We link you to your customers to help you
Market to your existing customer base.
Find new leads and customers.
Grow and improve your business.
Give your customers what they want
Everyday, customers visit your premises, and whether you’re a local coffee shop, a national chain of beauty salons, a multi-national mall, or even an airport, WiLink is an easy-to-implement, cost-effective way to provide your customers with a great WiFi experience.
Give your customers simple internet access that’s:
Then get a return on your investment
WiLink plugs straight into your existing network setup, but it isn’t just a router ... WiLink is your gateway into a powerful, cloud-based marketing platform that provides you with analytics and insights into your customers:
Demographic data such as:
  • age and gender
  • profession
  • interests
Visiting habits such as:
  • Frequency
  • Times and Days
  • In-store Locations
A powerful marketing platform.
WiLink gives you the ability to provide visitors with customisable offers and landing pages.
You get granular control over:
  • Which group(s) of your customers receive each offers
  • When the offers are served
  • How often each customer is served the offer
You can even collect phone numbers, email addresses, and stay in touch with your customers after they leave, to send surveys, invites and offers.

What’s more, WiLink lets you tap into the power of social media, via sites such as:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
.. helping you find and target potential audiences.
Increase your following and gain all-important check-ins ...and we all know how powerful word-of-mouth advertising is!